The Center for Cooperation and Advencement offers target countries the opportunity to develop unique and tailor made programs. Those courses will be made with the target audience in mind, helping the participants to integrate their own knowledge with our innovative tools and practices.

 Suggested Courses are:
1. Small Enterprises and management.
2. High-Tech:
o Techno Incubators.
o Start-ups in Israel.
o E-government.
3. Agribusiness
4. Agriculture and Industry
5. Marketing.
6. Women's Leadership.
7. International Commerce
8. Banking Industry
9. Media.
10. Social Economy During Transition Period
11. Ngo's, Democratization Of Society, Human Rights
12. Special Projects:

o Leadership and Democracy.
o Grooming Candidates for Election Campaigns.
o Tolerance in Pluralistic Society
13. Insurance.
14. Taxation
15. International Standards for Financial Accounting.
16. International Standards of Quality.
17. Personnel Management
18. Organization Of Road Construction And Roadway Maintenance
19. Innovation  And Small Enterprises
20. Israeli Public Health Service
21. Power Industry and Power Stations in Israel.
22. Entrepreneurship and Industrial Thinking.
23. Combating Trafficking In Women.
24. Police and Community.
25. “Managing School Funds” As A Closed Financial System And
       Development of Mobility of out-budget means Of International
26. Stimulating strategic thinking and student initiative in light
       of globalization in education.
27. Management of Academic Institutions.
28. Counter-Terrorism.
29. Educational System in Israel.
30. Infrastructure and Ecology.
31. Industry and Ecology.

In addition to the topics listed above we are capable of meeting ANY of your needs. 

o To apply to CCA Tailor made Courses please contact us through our CONTACT service here. 

Tailor made Programs