International Course:

"Police and Community"



Civil Defense for neighborhood violence prevention is an area of prime importance as early as the beginning of the 1990s. Struggle against the lack of security and rising violence which increasing around the world, is listed among the main topics on the agenda of decision makers and various development plans.

Police is the main body responsible for internal security. The police functions are mainly - keeping civilian security, war on terrorism and maintaining public order. The connection between the police and the community is extremely important for prevention of crimes and for enforcement of laws.

Amongst the activities of the Israel Police, the issue of collaborating with the community is more and more raises. The State of Israel is one of the pioneers in developing the modern concept of community and police relations and in the developing of a special framework of established community policing, a method which is taught by many internal security agencies in the world.

Israeli police force accumulated vast knowledge and experience in integrating volunteers into its ranks and is receiving more than 70,000 people yearly. The method of incorporating volunteers has been tested in a unique and effective manor and includes all layers of the population. Some volunteers are active in preventing terrorist and criminal activity and some is incorporated in the various units while they undergo training and special programs that allow them to fill different roles in areas such as security, traffic, intelligence, vandalism, crime and so on.

Eastern European countries, especially countries of the former Soviet Union are facing serious problems with these issues. Development of work frameworks such as volunteer programs will assist the police in fulfilling their role and will contribute to the positive image of the security forces, as well as develop community awareness for self-help in the personal security area.


Program targets:

• Raising the level of security and thus upgrading the quality of life.
• Transfer of knowledge and experience of the Israeli police in cooperation with the community.
• Creating models and frameworks for volunteer activities, in cooperation with the police.
• Providing tools for applying learning by practice, with the possibility of adjustments to changes in the participant's countries of origin.


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